Bespoke Kauri Designs

7/37 Washbournes Road Wigram Christchurch Canterbury 8042 New Zealand

Bespoke Kauri Designs custom make stunning tables using wood and also epoxy resin, specialising in unique kauri wood only found in New Zealand. The designs are the epitome of elegance and also sophistication, totally unique as no 2 pieces are the same. They add a touch of class and luxury to any room, and also are sure to be a conversation starter with your visitors.

Perfect for any living space, from the modern and also contemporary to the traditional and rustic. Skilfully hand made in Christchurch New Zealand from ancient kauri trees that have been preserved in peat for up to 50,000 years in Northland. The resulting wood has a unique blend of colours, patterns and also textures. Paired with the finest quality resin to create a durable, waterproof surface that accentuates the beauty of the kauri wood.

When you invest in Bespoke Kauri Designs you are bringing a piece of natural New Zealand history into your home.
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